Why Choose an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships can be a springboard to exciting, challenging and rewarding careers.

For many young people ‘A’ Levels and University hold no appeal, they want to get into work and deal with real life challenges as well as earning a salary. By the age of 21 an apprentice can be fully trained and highly regarded in their chosen field.

What are the Long Term Prospects for a Heritage Engineering Apprentice?

As with any career, the harder you work the more skilled and valued you become. In the world of Heritage Engineering, there is a shortage of people with the skills required to maintain, build and restore our engineering heritage.

The industry is recognising this and actively encouraging apprenticeships to fill the skills and knowledge gaps that will inevitably appear if training does not take place. The apprentices will develop into skilled engineers who will be highly sought after in the UK and abroad.

How is a Heritage Apprenticeship Delivered?

Apprentices are full time employed members of staff, they have a contract of employment, a minimum holiday entitlement of 20 days (+bank holidays) and a right to 20% off-the-job training.

The employer provides on-the-job training and pays the Apprentices’ wages. They will also attend ‘off-the-job’ training with the Heritage Skills Academy on a block release programme over three years. This is normally delivered over seven weeks per year (Monday to Friday) at our Bicester Heritage Training Facility or Marches Centre of Manufacturing and Technology CIC.

All apprentices are supported throughout their programme by qualified Assessors and Tutors who will mentor apprentices on any issues that may arise.

Apprenticeship Sectors currently available for Heritage Engineering Technicians will include:


  • Classic
  • Aviation
  • Marine
  • Steam

Current specialist apprenticeship routes within each of the Heritage Sectors are:

  • Level 3 Heritage Engineering Technician – Mechanical

Apprentices will cover all aspects of mechanical and electrical systems and learn how to restore, re-manufacture and maintain systems and components.

  • Level 3 Heritage Engineering Technician – Precision Engineer

Apprentices will cover all aspects of engineering machining, hand crafting, re-manufacture and metal working of systems and components.

  • Level 3 Heritage Engineering Technician – Coach Building

Apprentices will cover all aspects of Coach Building including fabrication, welding, bending, rolling, finishing and carpentry.

  • Level 3 Heritage Engineering Technician – Trim

Apprentices will cover all aspects of trim work including interior and exterior fabrics, upholstery and re-creation of original components and parts.


Each employer is responsible for negotiating a salary package which must as a minimum comply with current government recommendations on pay (see information below).

As a guide, the Heritage Skills Academy recommends that employers provide an offer which attracts the calibre of applicant they require and offers parents the confidence that our industry offers a first class career with exciting prospects.

We therefore recommend the following salary structure (based on a 40 hour week):

First 3 months

£7,800 – (£3.75/hour – £150/week)

Subject to satisfactory performance, attitude and progress review after 3 months

£10,400 – (£5.00/hour – £200/week)

Increases following the first year should reflect progress, performance and National Minimum Wage guidelines.


For your information – National Minimum Wage (effective 1st April 2017) are:

£7.50 per hour – 25 yrs old and over

£7.05 per hour – 21-24 yrs old

£5.60 per hour – 18-20 yrs old

£4.05 per hour – 16-17 yrs old

£3.50 per hour – Apprentice (first year)


*This rate is for apprentices aged 16 to 18 and those aged 19 or over who are in their first year. All other apprentices are entitled to the National Minimum Wage for their age.

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