For Employers

Employer guidance on taking on an apprentice

How do employers access the funding?

Employers do not have direct access to the funding, only the choice of who it is spent with. Employers can
only use funds to pay for apprenticeship training and assessment for apprentices.

The funding is allocated by the ‘ESFA’ for the apprentice on behalf of the employer and drawn down by the
employers chosen Training Provider.

How much will it cost an employer?

Apprentices aged 16 to 18:

  • No cost to the employer for the delivery of the training Apprentices aged 16-18
  • Apprentices starting over the age of 19 - Employers must make a 10% contribution to the Training Provider towards the cost of the delivery of the training (This is a government requirement and the release of the 90% is subject to evidence of receipt by the Training Provider – this equates to £722 / year)
  • Additional costs not covered by the funds
  • Wages (see Appendix A) – Heritage Skills Academy Employers are encouraged to offer a minimum hourly rate of £5.00 / hr
  • Residential accommodation for block release
  • Travel costs to and from training
  • Subsistence costs whilst on block release
  • £120 towards PPE and HSA uniform

Who chooses the training provider?

The employer chooses the training provider based on the:

  • Requirements of the business
  • Reputation of the provider within the industry
  • Relevance of the apprenticeship programme to their specific requirements
  • Quality of the programme they deliver and the package of support they offer

What are the employers's responsibilities?

  • To ensure the apprentice has a contract of employment and is paid in line with at least the national minimum wage rates
  • Carry out induction training & to comply with all relevant statutory duties in respect of supervision, Health & Safety training, welfare and PPE
  • Maintain adequate Employers Liability/Public Liability Insurance
  • Working week not to exceed 40 to 46 hours per week including paid college attendance (dependent upon age)
  • To release the apprentice from work to attend formal paid off-the-job training
  • To offer a holiday entitlement of at least 20 days per annum plus bank holidays (as per government legislation)
  • 19+ Learners only: To pay a 10% contribution towards the cost of training (as dictated by the ESFA)

What are the apprentices responsibilities?

  • To attend work and college and to effectively use any study time in the working day as agreed with the employer
  • To work in a diligent and trustworthy manner to achieve the training qualifications within the programme timescale
  • To behave in a responsible manner and to promote the Employer’s best interests
  • To request advice and assistance immediately if needed from the Employer or Training Provider
  • To abide by the principles of Heritage Skills Academy Equality & Diversity Policy

What is Heritage Skills Academy's offer to you?

  • To visit each employer, establish their training needs, explain the apprenticeship process and ensure each party understands their role
  • Market vacancies on behalf of the employer
  • Conduct initial assessments and shortlist candidates
  • To organise interviews and trials with employers
  • To deliver high quality off-the-job training and work based assessment over 3+ years
  • To produce world class Heritage Engineering Technicians


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