Heritage Sklls Academy Apprentice features in Hero2Help campaign

Startermotor and Hero have launched a new feature focusing upon competitors, crews, or a particular special vehical that takes part in events. This new feature is designed to 'Shine the spotlight on the exceptional and the extraordinary'  

We delighted that HSA's very own apprentice Callum Staff was featured this month to give readers insights in to the challenges Apprentices currently face. Read his full blog post below. 

Read more - https://heroevents.eu/hero-spotlights/hero2help-with-startermotor-apprentice-lifeline-callum-staff/

Callum's view on HSA 

"Along with my time at Ecurie Bertelli, I have also enrolled at the Heritage Skills Academy, located on the Bicester Heritage site. The site itself is something to behold, but the college is on another level to anything I have ever seen. From the skill of the tutors, to the superior levels of equipment and the steady flow of cars provided my Starter Motor, I’d have to say it must be one of, if not, the best college in the country for training the next generation of heritage engineers. I genuinely believe that the students that graduate from the Heritage Skills Academy will be The industry leaders in years to come"


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