Specialist Heritage Apprenticeship Provider recognised for Strong Partnership Development

Heritage Skills Academy are delighted to be able to share with you the results of their recent Ofsted monitoring visit. The results, published today, show that Ofsted have noted some of the key areas which HSA pride themselves on, and have been awarded the second highest grade possible. This was HSA’s first Ofsted visit as a new apprenticeship provider. This visit will be followed by a full inspection within the next two years. The judgement of reasonable progress in all three categories is a strong endorsement of the progress made since opening.

Ofsted ‘Leaders and managers recruit apprentices with integrity...Leaders and managers understand the employers they work with. They use this knowledge to match employers with suitable candidates and they support them with the recruitment process.’

We pride ourselves on working with both apprentices and employers to match them effectively; helping employers get the best possible match for their business and their team, and our apprentices the right environment to learn. We have a rigorous recruitment process which includes a GAT test, tools test, written applications, initial assessment, and interview before being offered the opportunity to come on programme.

We have a similarly rigorous approach with our employers, getting to know them as well as we can to ensure we understand their business and needs, and their ability to support our apprentices in their learning; we want our employers to be as enthusiastic about sharing their skills and knowledge as our apprentices are to learn. We work closely with our employers to ensure they have the information and support they need to make this happen and ensure the success of their apprentice placement.

Ofsted ‘Apprentices are proud of their apprenticeship and talk with confidence about the knowledge and skills they have learned.’

Our apprentices are not only proud of the places they work, but of the Heritage Engineering Apprenticeship they are on and being a part of the Heritage Skills Academy team. We don’t just teach them the practical skills they need but take a broader approach, so they have an understanding of business practices and the importance of developing good communications skills and excellent customer relationships. This helps them take pride in their work and leaves them able to share their knowledge in a confident manner. We are very proud of the way in which they conduct themselves both at work and when they are here onsite with us, and that these professional skills have been recognised in the Ofsted report.

Ofsted ‘Trainers and employers instil high expectations in all apprentices.’

The Heritage industry and the vehicles that HSA apprentices work on requires high standards of competency and confidence. We are pleased that the strong partnerships that exist and flourish between employers and HSA continue to thrive and develop.

John Pitchforth, Managing Director: ‘Heritage Skills Academy was set up to preserve the skills and knowledge required to ensure classic vehicles are maintained, preserved and restored to the highest standard by the next generation of specialist engineers.

The findings of the OFSTED Monitoring Visit recognise that the HSA Team have created an apprenticeship programme that is highly valued by employers and apprentices, recruits with integrity and that apprentices are proud to be a part of. The report recognises that apprentices gain substantial skills, knowledge and confidence and feel safe and well supported by the HSA team.

As MD and founder of Heritage Skills Academy, I am immensely proud of what the HSA Team has achieved. I am confident that our apprentices will go on to have exciting and challenging opportunities and go on to become leaders within the industry.’

You can read the report here


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