Project focus - Apprentice Ambassadors

We're delighted to feature one of our Apprentice Ambassadors work. 

We asked Billy to complete our feature which can be found here.

However Billy was keen to showcase his work, his passion and enthusiasm is clear to see when reading his blog below on his restoration project. 

We quickly realised this was no longer going to be a daily driver and so began my pride and joy restoration project, I replaced or restored the entire cooling system, fuel system, braking system, suspension and steering with all updated to best of my ability parts to hopefully prolong failure and to add the look and appeal I wanted. It benefited to a rear disc conversion all suspension arms and subframe powder coating. I replaced the brakes for updated grooved discs. Suspension for lowering springs updated adjustable dampening shocks. New bushes and strut bracing for the car underside and in the boot also. All the rear end rust cut out from the wheel arch area and boot floor to be solid again we took cuts from a later model drive to which was in good shape and used it to replace the metal to keep the correct form and shape of all the underside of the car. The underside of the car painted all with stone chip black to keep to the uniform neat look. I replaced the front wings sourced and bought an original full abarth kit for the car as they had from new.

I re built out of all my best bits an original set of levelling headlights the rear lights have also been rebuilt and coloured to complete the look. I have changed the entire interior, seats for the abarth edition seats, I have had the dash board out to complete a uniform look I’m going for to spray the dash black I have tied this with all the interior panels & the carpet from grey to black the headliner from cream to black. And have sound deadened under the carpet. The car was resprayed the original colour as I couldn’t see a better colour on the car in my opinion.

I sourced a set of Maserati biturbo polished wheels and re rubbered them with Yokohama a539s I had to next have the wheels shaved slightly due to the offset of them and the extra 3inches of width they had on the original wheels, I have a handful of other things I’ve done.  I’m now 19 and took it to its first event last year, its almost finished now it’s where I want it to be, during this lockdown I carried out the interior carpet and headliner transformation. I've enjoyed working on the project and combining this with what I've learnt at HSA and my employers P & A wood.


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