RAC awards - Winner

Congratulations to our very own Janice Pitchforth, winning the prestigious RAC personality award - recognising an individual who has made a significant contribution to the Historic motoring scene.
A fantastic speech and looking fabulous, the best excuse to dress up and celebrate - "the best dressed person ever to be seen in a workshop" Lee McKenzie.
A bit more about Janice and her well deserved award.
Janice Pitchforth has been singularly instrumental in promoting and developing apprenticeships throughout the Heritage industry, as commenced by P&A Wood some years ago. It is a vital part of the work of the BHVC located at Bicester Heritage.
She has worked tirelessly to secure apprenticeship opportunities for people aged from their teens to their 50s. She has then gone a step further to engage with them to such a degree of success that she has been asked to open a second Southern centre for apprenticeship training at Brooklands Museum.
Janice's success with the Heritage Engineering Technical Apprenticeship programme has restored the faith of a disillusioned industry in the potential and commitment of a new generation of engineers.
When the motor industry is recording 90% fewer apprenticeship starts since last year, she has bucked the trend by matching 25 new employees with apprentices since the COVID lockdown in March. Janice’s work is ensuring the Heritage fleet will be supported by skilled, knowledgeable individuals for decades to come. She is also making a positive difference to human lives.
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